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Alex Awnings provides high quality awnings for residential and commercial properties alike. Awnings are wonderful additions to any property as they can add class to your building’s exterior while also offering protection from the weather. Our awnings are highly affordable, reliable, and easy to install. Never get soaked while trying to unlock your door again! Alex Awnings provides a wide array of stainless steel and aluminum awnings that are extremely durable.

Keep Your Home Cool – Better Cooling With Window Awnings Chicago

An awning is a fixture that is attached to the exterior wall of a building. Awnings serve as protective features, primarily from the sun, heat, and water. When should you consider a window awning? If you have a window that takes a lot of sunlight, this may be a perfect candidate for an awning. Why? Not only can you help reduce the about of glare within your home, you may also be able to reduce your monthly utility bills by cooling your home down.

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Awnings are frequently underrated and forgotten, but they can be a wonderful addition to any home or business. If you’ve ever been stuck in the rain while trying to get your keys out, you would understand the necessity of an awning. The door awnings at Alex Awnings are the best in all of Chicagoland. They are affordable and classy. Our door awnings come in a variety of colors and materials: our most popular being stainless steel and aluminum. These awnings are very light and easy to install. Some popular colors include: transparent, white, blue, green, and gray. Door awnings can be horizontal or arched, allowing the property owner to vary the aesthetics of their exterior.

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top quality awnings Chicago

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